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Principal’s Message 12/2/16

Hello Falcon Families

We have had a wonderful week back.  The weather is chilly, the leaves are turning colors, and the students have had the opportunity to show what they know about writing persuasive paragraphs.  What could be better than that?

Writing assessment:

On Thursday of this week, a school-wide writing assessment was given to our might Falcons in their science classes so they could show all that they know about writing persuasive paragraphs.  As we work towards meeting our school goal of preparing our students for all types of writing, we wanted to assess how they are doing at this point of the school year.  They will again be assessed in the 3rd quarter to allow us to measure growth in this area.  I am proud of our staff who are all working hard to create the expectation that great writing happens in all classes, not just in English classes.

Screenagers the movie:

Last night, many parents came to preview the movie Screenagers which we showed to the entire student body today.  I am hopeful that it will spark conversations at home about being a teenager in the midst of the digital age.  Our kids are dealing with a social issue that we as teenagers never had to learn to navigate.  Please talk to your student about the movie Screenagers. Start that dialogue.  If you are interested in discussion questions to help start the conversation, some are available on .


School site council:

Are you looking for a way to be involved but don’t have a lot of time to commit? Have I got the thing for you! I am looking for 2 parents to be representatives on our school site council.  We meet once a month from 3:15 – 4:30 to discuss many school wide issues such as, but not limited to, looking at school academic data, advising on school budget, setting school wide goals and much, much more.  If you are interested in helping out, please let me know.

California League of Middle Schools (CLMS) teacher of the year nominee

Jay Meyer, our amazing leadership and P.E. teacher, has been nominated for the CLMS Teacher of the Year Award.  He, along with the other nominees,  will be honored tonight at a banquet.  We are lucky to have Jay as a member of our fantastic teaching staff.  Mr. Meyer, win or lose, you are an RVMS superstar.  Thanks for all you do!


Boys’ Basketball

Come support our teams this coming week. They have home games on Thursday against Santa Rosa Middle School.

Volleyball –

Support out volleyball team.  They will be home on Tues. battling against Kenilworth Junior High.


Cross Country Team

I was remiss in acknowledging the amazing season our league champion Cross Country team had. They worked hard all season and easily took dominated the season.  Way to go Falcons!

Wrestling Season is right around the corner

Wrestling tryout are being held on Jan. 11th. Talk to Coach Heald if you have any questions.

Happy Friday!

Ed Navarro


Principal’s Message 11/29/16

Hello Falcon Families – I am hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! 

I would like to personally invite you to a screening of a very important movie titled Screenagers. As a father of a high school freshman and a 6th grader, I know how all-consuming the digital screen can be for our children.

Thanks to the R.V.M.S. Leadership class and our S.T.P.C. (Student, Teacher, Parent, Council) we will be showing this film to ALL our students on Friday Dec. 2nd.

 As an added bonus, we would like to share this film with you, the parents, so as to assist in opening the worthwhile conversation about growing up in the digital age. We hope you can make it.  Immediately following the film, we will begin our monthly STPC meeting.  We hope you will stick around and contribute to our Student, Teacher, Parent Council.

 Screenagers – The Movie


ABOUT THE FILM (Runtime: 68 minutes. Directed by: Delaney Ruston, M.D.)

Screenagers is about the impact of the digital age on children and how to help them minimize harmful effects and find balance. After seeing the film, people tell us that they feel more confident and better equipped to establish balance around screen time. (See Poster Attached)

Parent Showing:

            When : Thursday, Dec. 1st  @ 6:00 PM

            Where: Rincon Valley Middle School Library

            Cost:  Free of Charge

            Sponsored by: RVMS Leadership and RVMS STPC

Principal’s Message   11-5-16

Hello Parents – What a wonderful week it has been.  It is not every year we get to celebrate Halloween on a Monday (thank goodness). We started the week with our Halloween festivities which included our RVMS costume parade.  I was thrilled to see so many student and staff dressed-up in such fun and imaginative costumes.  I have attached some pictures below.

Congratulations to our many Falcons who tried out and made our volleyball and basketball teams.  As I walked through the tryouts, I saw hard work and commitment exuding from the participants.  I know that the fortunate ones who made the teams really had to rally hard and perform strongly to have made the cut because the completion was very fierce.  Way to Go Mighty Falcons.  You will represent us well during your upcoming seasons.

Oral grades week is next week.  Your students should be getting his/her mid-quarter grades in all classes. Be sure to check in to see how he/she is doing. Progress reports will be mailed home the following week.

Trees, Trees, Beautiful Trees.   I am proud to say that we have one of the most beautiful middle school campuses around. With our green lawns and our fully grown trees in the quad, our students get to rejuvenate during breaks in the fresh air within our green surroundings. I am hoping to add to this beauty by adding more trees.  In the front block of our quad, we have two empty planters where trees once lived.  I am seeking a donation of two trees to plant in these spots.  If you, or someone you know, might be willing to provide the RVMS community with a tree or two, please let me know. I would gladly talk to you about this.

Road safety – Please be careful out there.  After school, we have several hundreds of kids exiting the area all at one time.  As you drive on Middle Rincon or Badger Road, be extra cautious and keep an eye out for students, either walking, riding scooter or bikes, or on skateboards.  I would hate to see one of our Falcons get hurt. I appreciate the extra effort to ensure our students’ safety.

Attendance Office Notes – If your child is arriving to school after 8:30, a parent must accompany them to the office to sign them in.  Failing to do so will result in an unexcused cut.

Are you going on vacation and your student is going to miss school?  If so, it is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for the work they will miss.  As much advanced notice as possible is tremendously helpful. Our teachers will try to get the student the work, but they are not required to do so before the student leaves.  The student is responsible for completing the work and will be given a reasonable amount of time to do so upon his/her return.

Have a great weekend!

Ed Navarro

RVMS Principal


10/21/16 Principal’s Message

Sport-A-Rama day is here!  I am very much looking forward to experiencing the amazing Rincon Valley Middle School tradition.  Let the games begin.

I will be hosting an Interdistrict Open Enrollment Fireside Chat on Nov. 3rd at 6:00PM. If you know of any current sixth graders who live in the Santa Rosa City Schools bounderies, but not within the RVMS boundries please pass on this information to them.

Current 8th Grade parents – If you are concidering MCHS for your student, they are hosting an 8th grade parent night on October 27th at 5:45. Call MCHS if you have any questions.

Facebook Page – Please take a moment to look at our wonderful Facebook page for more videos, photos and updates.

Shadowing at Cardinal Newman High School – If you are interested in shadowing at CNHS, they are hosting an 8th grade day on Monday, October 24th from 8-1.  If you are planning on attending please call our attendance office and let them know. 528-5295

Halloween Costumes at RVMS – When your children are selecting their costumes, please remind them that all dresscode rules still apply.  See page 9 in the student planner.  Also, remember, no weapons, no matter how fake or realistic, are allowed. In light of the recent hoax, I am asking that there be NO CLOWN COSTUMES this year.  Thank you for your understanding.

Red Ribbon Week

Monday: Pledge to Be Drug Free

Tuesday: Color Your Life Drug Free (Students wear colorful clothes including rainbows and Sporta-Rama T-shirts)

Wednesday: Hugs Not Drugs Day (also known as Pajama Day)

Thursday: Grim Reaper Day (Grim Reaper visits 7th grade classes to represent how many young peoples lives are impacted by drug use.)

Friday: Team Up Against Drugs (Students wear sports jerseys or team t-shirts.)

How to Pick up your Child from a School-wide Emergency

On October 20th RVMS/SRACS took part in the Great California Shake Out.  This is a simulated earthquake drill to test our school safety plan.  From this experience, volunteer parents asked that we share how to pick up students in an emergency response situation.  So here are some steps to follow should the need arise:

  1. Please be patient and check out your child appropriately. This will help us to track who checked the child out and when, just in case other family members arrive.
  2. Students will only be released to adults listed on the emergency card. Please keep this information current.
  3. Adults must show a form of picture ID.
  4. Students evacuate the buildings and line up on the basketball courts by class.
  5. A parent/student reunification area is set up at Middle Rincon Road and the school track. This location could change depending on the emergency.
  6. Parents are asked to please line up at the corner of the chain-link fence. You’ll see a gate there.
  7. School staff will admit groups of parents into the grassy area.
  8. Once inside, clipboards will be hanging from the fence. Please take a pass off the clipboard and fill it out.
  9. Find the table with the first initial of your last name and give them your pass.
  10. Student helpers will then bring your student to you, and you can exit the same way you entered.

Thank you for your help in keeping this an orderly process when stress is in the air!