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10/21/16 Principal’s Message

Sport-A-Rama day is here!  I am very much looking forward to experiencing the amazing Rincon Valley Middle School tradition.  Let the games begin.

I will be hosting an Interdistrict Open Enrollment Fireside Chat on Nov. 3rd at 6:00PM. If you know of any current sixth graders who live in the Santa Rosa City Schools bounderies, but not within the RVMS boundries please pass on this information to them.

Current 8th Grade parents – If you are concidering MCHS for your student, they are hosting an 8th grade parent night on October 27th at 5:45. Call MCHS if you have any questions.

Facebook Page – Please take a moment to look at our wonderful Facebook page for more videos, photos and updates.

Shadowing at Cardinal Newman High School – If you are interested in shadowing at CNHS, they are hosting an 8th grade day on Monday, October 24th from 8-1.  If you are planning on attending please call our attendance office and let them know. 528-5295

Halloween Costumes at RVMS – When your children are selecting their costumes, please remind them that all dresscode rules still apply.  See page 9 in the student planner.  Also, remember, no weapons, no matter how fake or realistic, are allowed. In light of the recent hoax, I am asking that there be NO CLOWN COSTUMES this year.  Thank you for your understanding.

Red Ribbon Week

Monday: Pledge to Be Drug Free

Tuesday: Color Your Life Drug Free (Students wear colorful clothes including rainbows and Sporta-Rama T-shirts)

Wednesday: Hugs Not Drugs Day (also known as Pajama Day)

Thursday: Grim Reaper Day (Grim Reaper visits 7th grade classes to represent how many young peoples lives are impacted by drug use.)

Friday: Team Up Against Drugs (Students wear sports jerseys or team t-shirts.)

How to Pick up your Child from a School-wide Emergency

On October 20th RVMS/SRACS took part in the Great California Shake Out.  This is a simulated earthquake drill to test our school safety plan.  From this experience, volunteer parents asked that we share how to pick up students in an emergency response situation.  So here are some steps to follow should the need arise:

  1. Please be patient and check out your child appropriately. This will help us to track who checked the child out and when, just in case other family members arrive.
  2. Students will only be released to adults listed on the emergency card. Please keep this information current.
  3. Adults must show a form of picture ID.
  4. Students evacuate the buildings and line up on the basketball courts by class.
  5. A parent/student reunification area is set up at Middle Rincon Road and the school track. This location could change depending on the emergency.
  6. Parents are asked to please line up at the corner of the chain-link fence. You’ll see a gate there.
  7. School staff will admit groups of parents into the grassy area.
  8. Once inside, clipboards will be hanging from the fence. Please take a pass off the clipboard and fill it out.
  9. Find the table with the first initial of your last name and give them your pass.
  10. Student helpers will then bring your student to you, and you can exit the same way you entered.

Thank you for your help in keeping this an orderly process when stress is in the air!

Principal’s Message 10-14-16

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

Today was the first real rainy day of the school year, and along with that came the rainy day behaviors.  I talked to a number of kids today about not standing in the rain, or splashing other with rain puddles or running and sliding on the wet (and now muddy) lawn.  Please have a brief discussion with your student/s about proper rainy day behaviors.

Field Trip – On a different note, this week several of our Falcons attended a Construction Expo at the Veterans’ Building.  They were able to explore careers in the construction industry.

Press coverage – I am proud to share a wonderful Press Democrat Article which highlighted some of our students in Mr. Myer’s history classes as they debriefed the last presidential debate.

Sport-a-rama is coming.  If your 7th grader is on a team, you won’t want to miss the big event on Friday October 21st. See our website for more details.
Volunteers needed –  We are still in need of some parent support to help decorate for Sport-a-rama.  If you can help, sign up by clicking the link below.  Thanks for your help.

Halloween Costumes at RVMS – When your children are selecting their costumes, please remind them that all dresscode rules still apply.  See page 9 in the student planner.  Also, remember, no weapons, no matter how fake or realistic, are allowed. In light of the recent hoax, I am asking that there be NO CLOWN COSTUMES this year.  Thank you for your understanding.

Open EnrollmentIf you live within the Santa Rosa City School district but not within the RVMS/MCHS boundaries this information is very important for you.

You will need to follow the steps below and apply for open enrollment to either continue at RVMS or attend MCHS.

1.    Information on the Open Enrollment process is currently available at:
2.    Current 7th graders enrolled at RVMS don’t need to do anything for 8th grade.  They will need to apply for high school during the fall of their 8th grade year.
3.    Current 8th graders will need to apply online at between October 1st and November 18th for high school placement.  Once placed in high school, they will not need to apply again.
4.    Open enrollment is by school.  So enrollment is for elementary, middle and high schools.  (Example: A family would need to apply 3 times for kindergarten through high school.)
5.    If applications are made during the October 1st – November 18th timeframe they are automatically accepted if there is space at the requested school.
6.    Families will be notified of acceptance in December.
7.    Applications made outside of the designated timeframe will not be accepted.
8.    If you have questions, or if you need more information call Student and Family Engagement Office (SAFE) at (707) 528-5137.

Open Enrollment Fireside Chat – I will be hosting an open enrollment fireside chat on Nov. 3rd at 6:00 PM to be discussing the above material.  I am asking for your assistance.  If you know anyone in the community who fits the above requirements, please let them know of this meeting.

Facebook Page – Please take a moment to look at our wonderful Facebook page for more videos, photos and updates.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Ed Navarro

A message from our Superindendent

Dear Santa Rosa City Schools Families,

I want to make you aware of an issue that continues to spread throughout social media outlets and the news. The “creepy clown” or “clowning” craze has been seen in other parts of the country, and it has now reached Sonoma County, including Santa Rosa City Schools.

“Clowning” includes dressing up as a scary clown and frightening or harassing people. Often, there is no real clown involved, just threats on social media. That is what has happened at our schools. We have worked with local authorities, including the Santa Rosa Police Department, to investigate. At this time, we believe the threats are a hoax.

Schools and law enforcement do not take threats lightly. This craze provides an opportunity to inform your student that, “If you see something, say something,” and that a threat against a school and/or any student could be considered a felony offense.

We want you to know that we are taking steps to ensure that all students, parents and staff feel safe at our schools. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your school administrator.

Thank you for your continued support.

Diann Kitamura


Estimadas familias de Santa Rosa City Schools,

Quiero informarles acerca de un tema que continúa extendiéndose en todos los medios de comunicación sociales y las noticias. Los reportes de payasos que merodean por las ciudades asustando, payaseando o molestando a residentes que se ha visto en otras partes del país, ya ha alcanzado el Condado de Sonoma, incluyendo las escuelas de Santa Rosa.

“Payaseando” incluye vestirse como un payaso espeluznante y asustar o acosar a la gente. A menudo, no hay verdadero payaso involucrado, sólo amenazas en las redes sociales. Eso es lo que ha sucedido en nuestras escuelas. Hemos trabajado con las autoridades locales, incluyendo el Departamento de Policía de Santa Rosa, a investigar. En este momento, creemos que las amenazas son engaños o bromas.

Las escuelas y los departamentos de policía no toman las amenazas a la ligera. Esta manía ofrece una oportunidad para informar a  su hijo/a, “Si ves algo, di algo”, y que una amenaza contra una escuela y / o de cualquier estudiante podría ser considerado un delito grave.

Queremos que sepan que estamos tomando medidas para asegurar que todos los estudiantes, los padres y el personal se sienten seguros en nuestras escuelas. Si tienen alguna pregunta, por favor comuníquese con el administrador/a de la escuela.

Gracias por su apoyo.

Diann Kitamura

Principal’s Message-Clown Craze 10/5/16

Good Evening – This email is to inform our Rincon Valley Middle School and Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School communities about a topic of conversation which was wide spread at school today. It was reported that a student had seen a post on social media which stated that a clown would be coming to school on Friday to frighten the children.  If you have not heard of this national craze, please see the link to a Time, Inc. article for more information.

Please be assured that our administrative team, along with our district office, and the Santa Rosa Police Department are aware of the situation and are taking all steps to ensure all students, parents, and staff are safe on campus.

Thank you,

Ed Navarro