Inside RVMS

This page is designed to give our parents & community members a visual look at RVMS.  Just click on any of the links below to see what Principal Navarro sees.  Have fun!  For the most up to date pictures and videos of life at RVMS, please visit us on Facebook.  Just click on the Facebook link below!

First Day of School

RVMS Orientation 8-12-2015

8th Grade Dinner Dance Part II

8th Grade Dinner Dance 5-29-2015 S

RVMS & Rose Parade 5-16-2015

Carnival & Spring Musical 5-8-2015

Hands Only CPR Training at RVMS 4-23-2015

RVMS Fun Friday


RVMS Activities 2-4-2015

RVMS Pics from January 2015

RVMS Pics from January 2015 Pt. 2

RVMS Winter Concert 2014

Holiday Hats

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Sport A Rama at RVMS 10-24-2014

1st RVMS Dance!

RVMS Activities 9-5-2014

Limbo at RVMS 8-27-2014

RVMS Orientation 8-13-2014

Fun in PE 1-24-2014

Noontime Fun 1-22-2014

Winter Concert 2014

Pajama Day!

Classroom Pictures 11-15-2013

Red Light Green Light 11-13-2013

Sport-A-Rama 2013

Halloween RVMS Staff Pics

Halloween RVMS Pics 1

Halloween RVMS Pics 2

Halloween RVMS Pics 3

Halloween RVMS Pics 4

Halloween RVMS Pics 5

Halloween RVMS Mr. Marshall’s Favs

Color Team Flyer 10-22-2013

Bully Prevention Flyer 10-23-2013

Great California Shake Out Drill 10-17-2013 S

Fun Activities 10-11-2013

RVMS Dance 9-27-2013

School Pics 9-26-2013

School Pics 9-13-2013

School Pics 9-6-2013

2nd Week of School 8-30-2013

Just For Fun 8-23-2013

First Week of School Pics 1

First Week of School Pics 2

First Day of School 2013-2014

8th Grade Dinner Dance II 5-28-2013

8th Grade Dinner Dance 5-28-2013

Carnival Flyer Home 5-3-2013

Science Rockets Flyer Home (s) 5-1-2013

Walk A Thon Email Home 1

Walk A Thon Email Home 2


Water Balloon Madness at Lunch 4-10-2013

A Look at Classrooms 3-27-2013

Day of Healing 3-25-2013

MCHS Counseling Visits 3-14-2013

Volley Tennis Std 3-14-2013

Race Through High School

Odyssey of the Mind & Math Classes 3-4-2013

Showcase a Big Hit 2-27-2013

Fiesta Dance, Friday, February 22, 2013

Riding the Bull – Fiesta Dance!

Renaissance Rally Fun on Valentine’s Day – Video

Science Classes 2-14-2013

Valentine’s Day & Renaissance

Jazz Band at Green Music Center 1-25-2013

Math & Science Lessons 1-24-2013

Freeze Dance at Lunch 1-16-2013

RVMS Student Tucker Fish on KPIX Cool Schools

Happy Holiday Pics

First Week of School

2nd Week of School

Week 2 Lunchtime fun

Week 3 Lunchtime fun

Week 4 Spirit Day – Hippie Day

Week 4 Peek at Classes

Week 5 Spirit Day – Frog Day

Week 5 Motivational Rally

Week 5 Peek at Classes

Week 5 Renaissance Rally

Week 6 Peek at Classes

Week 6 Peek at Classes 2

Week 7 Peek at Classes

Week 7 Spirit Day – Sports Day

Week 7 Peek at Classes 2

Week 8 A little Pre-Dance Fun!

Week 8 Pre-Dance Fun Video

Week 8 Dance!

Week 8 Dance Video

Week 9 Fun!

Great California Shakeout Emergency Drill

Color Team Kick Off Week 10!

Go Giants Day!

Mock Election Week 11

Halloween Special 1

Halloween Special 2

Halloween Special 3

Red Ribbon Week 1

Hugs, Not Drugs

Sport A Rama Special!

Campus Beautification Day

PE Classes 11-15-2012

Science Classes 12-6-2012

Classes & Eagle Scout Project

US History Learns from SRPD

Winter Concert