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8th Grade Dinner Dance

CO2 Cannon was a blast!

The 8th grade dinner dance was a huge success! I’d like to thank the staff, many parents, MCHS culinary class for providing the food and of course our leadership class for doing an outstanding job prepping everything for the dance. A special thank you goes out to Maribeth Forsyth for organizing the dinner portion of the venue, which was beautifully done. Mr. Eagle, our leadership teacher, also did a wonderful job organizing much of the dance and for making some great additions; like the red carpet walk.  I’d also like to thank City 205 Flowers and TNT Signs for their generous donations to the dinner dance. It takes a great deal of teamwork to pull off a major event like this, and with everyone’s help the dance was terrific fun for over 350 8th grade students. DJ Dax also did a great job and his CO2 cannon was a blast!

Sincerely – Mr. Marshall

8th Grade Dinner Dance 5-29-2015 S

8th Grade Dinner Dance Part II

RVMS Took First Place in the Rose Parade!

The Rincon Valley Middle School Marching Band took first place in this years annual Rose Parade.  We’re very  proud of our students and band director, Mr. Saler, for doing an outstanding job.  Congratulations everyone! For more pictures, click the link below.

RVMS & Rose Parade 5-16-2015



All 7th Grade Students Learn CPR!

RVMS Students Learning CPR

Today while all 8th grade students took the STAR test in science, the 7th graders were taught Hands Only CPR.  SRJC teacher and former radio star Ted Williams worked with RVMS staff to train over 450 7th grade students today.  Also at the presentation was Ted Griffith, whose 7th grade son saved his life by performing Hands Only CPR on him back in August.  When Steve was talking about how his son saved his life, you could have heard a pin drop in our gym.  After the big presentation in the gym, every 7th grade student spent 45 minutes in their PE classes learning how to perform Hands Only CPR (See attachment).  This is now the third year RVMS has trained its entire 7th grade class in Hands Only CPR.  My deep thanks go out to Rita Weighall for coordinating this event and our entire staff for making this a priority for our students.

Hands Only CPR Training at RVMS 4-23-2015

Spring Dance!

Over 500 students had a blast at our annual Spring Dance!

The students looked like they had a great time at the dance today.  We had five hundred students participate!  My thanks go out to our Leadership students and Mr. Eagle for organizing such a fun event for our kids.  The Michael Jackson impersonator was a big hit and he taught the students a few dance moves too!  DJ Dax did a great job providing the music and keeping the tempo of the dance hopping.  Our wonderful parent organization, the STPC, provided all the snacks and drinks.  As part of our new focus on healthy choices, students had nutritious choices for snacks and drinks along with the usual fare.  What a great way to begin the weekend.