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Winter Concert

Our students put on an amazing concert!

Here is a look at our Winter Concert on Wednesday night, December 10, 2014.   The RVMS Jazz band, 7th grade band and 8th grade band performed for over ninety minutes to an enthusiastic audience who braved poor weather to hear our amazing students.  The performance was a testament to the dedication of our band director, Jon Saler and our students.  Nice job everyone!  For a few pictures, click on the link below.

RVMS Winter Concert 2014


Way to go science teachers!

Ms. Briner, Mr. Williams & Mrs. Walls

Our very own science department chair, Linn Briner, along with SRACS science teachers Steve Williams and Kim Walls, presented at the National Science Teachers Conference in Long Beach last week!  The three part demonstration and presentation titled “Modeling Modeling” was the culmination of their work together through a two year PacTIN grant that also included Penny Sirota (now retired RVMS 8th Grade Science Teacher).  Ms. Briner presented a performance model of photosynthesis that she did with all 160 of her students.  Audience members participated in recreating the model of photosynthesis.  Mr. Williams presented a model lesson on the Particle Nature of Matter that was studied by the group in all four SRACS classrooms.  All of the participants became Mr. Williams’ students for a time, which is always fun and thought-provoking.  Mrs. Walls presented about the ecosystem models that 5th graders created and experimented with in order to explore vascular plants and the effect of weather on their water transport systems (xylem).  The conference participants gave overwhelmingly positive feedback on Linn’s, Steve’s and Kim’s presentations.  Congratulations team!

Sport A Rama!

I’d just like to thank everyone who participated in Sport A Rama Friday night.  It looked like students, parents and staff all had a great time!  It was also a fantastic way to kick off Red Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon Week is a week long program to raise student awareness about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.  I’d also like to thank all the parents and students who volunteered.  Lastly I’d like to give a huge thank you to my staff for giving up their lunches and after school time to make Sport A Rama happen for our kids.

Sport A Rama at RVMS 10-24-2014

Click on the link above for a few more pictures of Sport A Rama

Mr. Marshall

Principal – RVMS

Sport A Rama Fun!

Sport A Rama Fun!

Back to School Night

Just a quick reminder that Thursday, October 2nd is Back to School Night.  This is NOT a minimum day as stated in the student planner.  Our minimum day will be Friday, October 3rd.  Hopefully everyone will get a jump start to your weekend.  Your child should have come home yesterday with a Back to School Night flyer.  Your student should fill out their class schedule and mark where their classes are on the map.  Just in case your child didn’t come home with one, I’ve attached the flyers to this post.  I look forward to seeing everyone at Back to School Night!


Mr. Marshall


BTSN Student Schedule Flyer 14-15